Every. Single. Day.

I will be participating in a challenge this month. The goal is to post something every single day of November. I know that I would be so proud of myself if I could accomplish it. If you'd like to join, a link to the suggested prompts. I am kind of excited to succeed! I just want to try to make this a habit too! 


going back to work.


tomorrow is my first official day back to work. 

i am freaking out. 

cinco will be staying at home with his dad. there is so much to update you guys on! the important thing to know is that i will be trying my very hardest to stick to this blog. i think it will be a great way to communicate with family even when its tough to stay in touch. 

tomorrow is my first day back to work. it seems pretty hard to say, just as hard as it will be to actually do. 

some types of blog posts to look forward to:
- working mama style
- how to eat a vegan diet while your family still eats eggs and milk! 
- how to live green as a family
- what to do in philly! 
- randomness about my fan, etc...