the evolution of: My Hair

My hair is interesting. I have never really been happy with it. When everyone around you has perfectly straight hair, its tough to like something that is so different, especially during high school. Even though my hair is "natural," I spend a lot of time trying to take care of it, and debating what to do with it. It seems so petty, but as I type this I realize just how much I think about whats going on up on top of my head. I have made some serious changes, and am finally starting to feel comfortable with what I got. 

 This is what my hair had been like most of my life; very straight. I think since I was like 7? I hated when it got all up in my face... 

This is how I usually wore it. I'm pretty sure my mom hated the ponytail. 
I guess you could call this "dressy?" Good enough for my senior prom! (Note how skinny I was. I miss that body)
The first picture in existence of my "natural" hair
Getting better! 
Starting to hate my hair again. It was looking kind of rough. 
Me today! I chopped about half of it off. Much happier. 

I have crazy hair. I mean, I love it. Its fun. But man, it is a pain in the butt. Detangling, conditioning, deep conditioning, moisturizing. If you know me, you know how bad I usually am at up keep of, well, anything. I have to admit that since cutting my hair, things have gotten better. I finally have a routine! 

I use Kinky Curly. It is by far the best thing that I have found for my hair. The leave-in conditioner is the only thing I have found that can hold my curl. 

I also recently found Urban Bush Babes. These two girls are AWESOME! I have to get better about taking care of my hair, and they have such great advice for anyone with naturally curly hair! 

Now if I could just Cinco to chill out with his frizzy hair! For some reason, the products that I use don't really work for him. I guess we are starting another hair journey for him! 

I can only hope my journey gets better! And starts looking cooler!! Who doesn't want to be the mom with the wicked cool hair?! 


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