Hanging with the City

Cinco and I explored what, if any, new things Philly had to offer yesterday. 

Here are the pics to prove it. (there are lots!!)

First, we headed over to NEST. It has to be one of Cinco's favorite places in the world. They have all the toys a boy could ask for, a slide, a tree house, and lots of older kids (his favorite!).

 (Sorry for the blurriness)

Then, off to grab a late lunch @ Schlesingers:

(dismiss the crazy hat hair. we are still figuring out what going on up there...)

Afterwards, even though he was exhausted, Cinco refused to nap, so we headed over to Barnes & Noble. 

(I WANT THIS BOOK!! I just have to wait until I know that the little guy won't tear all of the pages out. We will have so much fun reading these stories!! )

Then we headed over to the Christmas Village Bazaar thingy. It wasn't too bad. Didn't meet my expectations, but they did have some cool nesting dolls. I think I'll get one eventually, but paying $25 for one just seems like overkill right now. 

(It was in Love Park, so I guess that was cool, although not stroller friendly, FYI.)

And then, It was time for Big M to get off of work, so we hung out there for a bit. 

Overall, not too shabby of a day! I am challenging myself to get out there and explore more of the city we live in. Hoping I stick to it. 

Here are some other random pics just cuz.........

(I know I am probably biased, but I seriously think that my kid is awesome... and super cute.)

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