So this is all about my BFF Kaitlyn. 

I love this girl to death. She came up last week for Cinco's birthday party, even though she knew hurricane Sandy would be coming into town as well. Thats what I call dedication! I love this girl. We met in high school. I was coming from a very public high school where I didnt really fit in. After transferring to her very private school, she made me feel right at home. Then we became the package deal. Always together. Everyday. Then there was our freshman year of college. Even though she attended a different school, we were still inseparable. Lots of parties. Lots of fun nights. 

And... No here I am with a child and basically all grown up, and no matter how long its been since we last talked, I know that everything will be ok with her, and that we will always be able to talk like no time has passed. 

I love my BFF. 

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